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Stump grinding can be an annoying task, which means stumps are often left to remain as unsightly features in otherwise beautiful yards. At Bushmasters, Inc, we turn this nuisance tree task into a great job. Stump grinding is not offered with our standard tree removal service, however it is an affordable option that you can add to any project. Our crew also responds to calls about existing stumps that homeowners are ready to get rid of. The average homeowner can’t anticipate the full spread of a tree’s roots, let alone the hard physical work required to grind the whole stump. Why try to act as an expert? Our company can handle the biggest and smallest of jobs with ease so call us today.

Attempting to rent your own stump grinder can indeed be a wasteful task: Not only will you waste any number of hours of your hard earned time but you’ll also spend countless dollars. Bushmasters, Inc can get rid of all of those annoying stumps and when you hire us you won’t ever have to deal with rentals, safety gear, or wasted time. We are happy to provide you with a free quote so you can compare our price to the cost of doing it yourself. Unless you currently drive a pick up truck, you might as well throw out the idea of even renting your own stump grinder because it is a device that you have to tow in order to transport. We’ll be happy to walk you through our stump grinding and tree removal process when you call us on the telephone. You’ll quickly understand why we’re the best men for the job.

We care about making you happy in regards to your needs which is just another reason to choose Bushmasters, Inc. We know that home owners work hard in order to keep up their lawn and that is why we do our best to keep the lawn . To help you understand how we go about removing a stump, we’ve summarized the major steps in the process.

Oakland County Stump Grinding

First we remove debris like loose rocks from the edge of the stump, preventing possible damage to our equipment and protecting the crew from potential hazards. The next step, depending on the size of the stump, is to use a chainsaw in order to cut the stump as low to the ground as possible. Next we use a hydraulic lever to employ the grinding wheel. The wheel works in a way similar to a circular saw on steroids. Our crew positions the wheel to repeat this process until the stump is gone.

The service doesn’t stop there. If you wish to reuse the ground wood as mulch then we’ll leave you a neat pile, or we will happily haul it away at no extra charge. The soil is repaired where the stump once stood. This is also included in the price of stump grinding. After that, our experts add a layer of grass seed in order to kick start the grass growing process!

Now that you know the basics of stump grinding, it’s easy to see why so many FarmingtonĀ residents and business owners put this task in our capable hands. Stump grinding is no big deal until it requires expensive equipment, hours of research, and way too much hard work. Choose Bushmasters, Inc and skip the hassle and clean up. It’s so easy to start-either hire our crew to remove an old stump or add stump grinding when you schedule a tree a removal service. We have multiple grinding wheels at the ready and we’ve got a team of experts waiting to help. Give us a call to ask about stump grinding and to schedule a service today.