Farmington Bush Removal

Farmington Bush Removal | Bustmasters, IncMost people in Oakland County, Farmington, and all over the world wonder why they should hire a bush removal service to remove the bushes in the backyard or on their property. Bushmasters Inc’s response is a simple, “Go ahead and dig the first bush or shrub out yourself then you’ll know why!”

Digging deep enough to expose the roots in such a way that allows the bush to easily be removed. To be honest, it’s almost impossible to do without the use of heavy machinery. We have high tech equipment that makes the bush and shrub removal process much easier than using a shovel. The citizens of Oakland County and Farmington should rejoice. By the time they have the first bush’s roots exposed, we’ll have the next three or four bushes removed! Its honestly that simple.

We do residential and commercial bush removal

How much does bush removal cost?

We’ve put together a price estimate for the sizes of the bushes that we remove. This is to help you get an idea of how much it costs prior to us ever even coming to your home. In most cases we arrive to assess the situation and we have all of the equipment necessary to remove all of the bushes that you’d like. Most often, by the time we give you a price, you’re already asking when we can get started. Our rough bush removal prices are as follows:

  • Small Bush – 1 to 2 inch trunk, minimum foliage ($30.00 per bush)
  • Medium Bush – 2 to 4 inch trunk, an average plant ($40.00 per bush)
  • Large Bush –  4 to 8 inch trunk with lots of foliage or difficult to work with due to placement. ($50.00 per bush)
*Anything larger than 6 feet is done by an estimate.

Of course, bush removal isn’t the only service that Bushmasters, Inc. provides. We offer many other landscaping services; especially in Oakland County and Farmington. Tree removal and stump grinding done by estimates and at reasonable rates.